All benefits are forever! Just one Activation!
AWP Zdarma - You can take anytime AWP+Deagle for free
AWP Limit - You can use the AWP at any time without limit
Pokemon - You can carry 6 active pokemon and 18 saved
MasterBall - You can use MasterBall for catch any Pokemon
Backpack - Your bag will have +50% more space for articles
More XP - You got +45% more XP for kill or plant/defuse bomb
Watching - After death you can watch the opponent team
Advert - In the settings you can use block advertisment
Laser Mine - Every round start you get always Laser-Mine (preview here)
New Weapons - You will get a new look weapons that no one (preview here)
Settings - Dont like some benefits? Can disable/enabled it in the menu
Status - You will have VIP status before the name in chat (hide here)
Admin práva - Můžeš požádat o práva na serveru a stát se Adminem
Další výhody - A navíc spousta výhod, které zde nejsou uvedeny + další připravujeme