All benefits are forever! Just one Activation!
+14 XP - For each killed enemies you get +14 XP. Normal player only 10
Rambo - You can play for Rambo with fast shoot, fast run and more
Cpt.Price - You can play for Cpt.Price with respawn and more
Engineer - You can play for Engineer - press E build sentry guns and more
Items - 70% chance for drop item if you kill enemy. Normal player 30%
Stamina - Every item have 350 second in time. Normal player 150 second
Parachute - With button E you can used parachute for long jumping
Watching - After death you can watch the opponent team
Status - You will have VIP status before the name in chat (preview here)
Admin práva - Můžeš požádat o práva na serveru a stát se Adminem
Další výhody - A navíc spousta výhod, které zde nejsou uvedeny + další připravujeme