All benefits are forever! Just one Activation!
Player skin - Special player skin, which everyone will envy you (preview here)
Weapons 1 - Every round: m4a1, ak47, mp5, famas, galil in VIP menu
Weapons 2 - Every round: deagle, usp, glock, fiveseven, elite in VIP menu
Vest+Helm - Every round start you can take Vest and Helm in VIP menu"
Grenades - Every round start you can take Grenades in VIP menu
Super HE - Your HE will have powerful explosion with +30% damage
Defuse kit - Every round start you can take Defuse in VIP menu
Health - You get instant +5 HP for every kill your enemies
Number HP - You can have more than 100 HP at once using health
Money - For every kill your enemy you get money bonus +200$
Damage - Hit on the enemy show you damage and even through the walls
immunity - You will have immunity for team balance change team
Spray logo - You can use Spray logo everywhere on map
Slot - Reservation slot on the server! You can connect everytime
Vote - In the vote on other map, your vote will have a double value
Chat - Type /vips to the chat and see yourself among online VIP players
Unban - When you get ban for some reason, you can get Unban
Settings - Dont like some benefits? Can disable/enabled it in the menu
ExtraVIP - You can become ExtraVIP player and get more great benefits
Admin práva - Můžeš požádat o práva na serveru a stát se Adminem
Další výhody - A navíc spousta výhod, které zde nejsou uvedeny + další připravujeme