All benefits are forever! Just one Activation!
+50 points - For each killed Zombie get +50 points. Normal player 1 and VIP 40
Limit - You can have up to 300 points at a time. VIP only 160 points
Lasergun - You can use the Lasergun, which have fast or slow shoot
Janusgun - You can use the Janusgun, which speacial ability super shoot
Legogun - You can use the Legogun, which have powerful explosion rockets
Healing - You can use the healing and transform Zombie back to people
Terminator - 550 HP, 550 Anti-Infect Armor, 4x Jump, +5 Armor for kill and more
Hannibal - 1000 HP, 1000 Anti-Infect Armor, Special chainsaw and more
Status - You will have VIP status before the name in chat (preview here)
Admin práva - Můžeš požádat o práva na serveru a stát se Adminem
Další výhody - A navíc spousta výhod, které zde nejsou uvedeny + další připravujeme